Finance APIs

 vat rates
A collection of all VAT rates for EU countries ... Read More
 alpha vantage
Realtime and historical stock data ... Read More
 barchart ondemand
Stock, Futures and Forex Market Data ... Read More
 consumer financial protection bureau
Financial services consumer complaint data ... Read More
 financial modeling prep
Stock information and data ... Read More
ACH/NACHA Bank Routing Numbers ... Read More
iex iex website
Stocks and Market Data ... Read More
ig ig website
Spreadbetting and CFD Market Data ... Read More
Connect with users’ bank accounts and access transaction data ... Read More
 razorpay ifsc
Indian Financial Systems Code (Bank Branch Codes) ... Read More
ExchangeRate-API is a free exchange rates & currency conversion API. No signup required & reliably maintained since 2010! Just cop ... Read More
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