Data APIs

 Hampton Roads Crime
Let’s you get most recent and historical crime data so you feel safe in your neighbourhood. ... Read More
The Wordnik API lets you request definitions, example sentences, spelling suggestions, related words like synonyms and antonyms, p ... Read More
A word-finding query engine for developers. You can use it in your apps to find words that match a given set of constraints and th ... Read More
Automate data extraction from your documents with Artificial Intelligence. ... Read More
 the shrimpy universal crypto exchange api
Shrimpy’s Universal Crypto Exchange APIs are the only unified APIs for crypto exchanges that are specifically designed for applica ... Read More
Restwords is a text blob manager and is completely free. You may use it to store any sort of text (anything that can be saved as a ... Read More
Our Astronomy API provides timings for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, sun azimuth, moon azimuth, sun altitude, moon altitude, ... Read More
Scraping is hard, scraping at scale can be very challenging. You have to handle: - JS rendering - Chrome headless - Captcha - Prox ... Read More
With Dashblock you an turn any website into an API, watch the amazing demo video on the homepage. They offer 1000 free API calls p ... Read More
 pocket network
Pocket provides a trustless API Layer, allowing easy access to any blockchain. ... Read More
The scrapestack API was built to offer a free, real-time scraping and proxy REST API, handling CAPTCHAs, browsers, IP blocks, and ... Read More
Simple API that includes a common data for most of the applications. Like user info, some posts, comments, etc. This data is free ... Read More
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