Social APIs

 MEME Generator
Let’s you generate memes by choosing preloaded images, and short top and bottom text sentences ... Read More API
Keep, share, and discover the best of the Web using Delicious, the world's leading social bookmarking service ... Read More API
Runs, the high-performance Open Source social engine. It pumps your life in and out of your friends, family and colleagues ... Read More
 SoundCloud API
Discover, stream, and share a constantly expanding mix of music from emerging and major artists around the world. ... Read More
 Yammer API
Discuss ideas, share updates, and crowdsource answers from coworkers around the globe. Yammer gives your team a faster, smarter wa ... Read More
 Tweetmeme API
Provides third-party integration with the TweetMeme web service, used to track popular links on Twitter ... Read More
Let’s you detect the information of a given photo (e.g. face location, age, race, gender etc.) ... Read More
 Facebook API
Helps developers build, grow and monetize their business. ... Read More
 foursquare API
Gives you access to our world-class places database and the ability to interact with Foursquare users and merchants. Start using t ... Read More
 Google Buzz API
A social platform that both users and developers can interact with, the company has faced some difficulty in gaining ongoing tract ... Read More
 Gowalla API
Gather and compare all kinds of interesting data, they weren't really interactive with Gowalla itself. ... Read More
 Posterous API
Similar to other blogging platforms. Posting could be done by logging into the website's rich text editor, but it was particularly ... Read More
 MySpace API
A social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, ... Read More
 twitter api - please delete (see description)
There is already an entry for the Twitter API ... Read More
Facebook Login, Share on FB, Social Plugins, Analytics and more ... Read More
Interact with Foursquare users and places (geolocation-based checkins, photos, tips, events, etc) ... Read More
vk vk website
Read and write vk data ... Read More
Communicate with Disqus data ... Read More
 pwrtelegram bot
Boosted version of the Telegram bot API ... Read More
 telegram mtproto
Read and write Telegram data ... Read More
Schedule your social media posts with Buffer ... Read More
 full contact
Get Social Media profiles and contact Information ... Read More
The Twitter API enables programmatic access to Twitter in unique and advanced ways. Tap into core elements of Twitter like: Tweets ... Read More
Social media like and share data for any URL ... Read More
 telegram bot
Simplified HTTP version of the MTProto API for bots ... Read More
 trash nothing
A freecycling community with thousands of free items posted every day ... Read More
Read and write Tumblr Data ... Read More
 fuck off as a service
Asks someone to fuck off ... Read More
The foundation of all digital integrations with LinkedIn ... Read More
Data about Meetups from ... Read More
Team Instant Messaging ... Read More
 cisco spark
Team Collaboration Software ... Read More
Make bots for Discord, integrate Discord onto an external platform ... Read More
The world's catalog of ideas ... Read More
Game Streaming API ... Read More
Social news for CS and entrepreneurship ... Read More
Instagram Login, Share on Instagram, Social Plugins and more ... Read More
Seamless Social Networking features, API, SDK to any app ... Read More
Homepage of the internet ... Read More
 chat messaging by stream
Stream's API and SDKs enable developers to build messaging solutions very quickly and reliably. Drive in-app conversion, engagemen ... Read More
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