Text To Speech API - CloudPronouncer (tts online or tts reader) is a cross browsers REST API supporting now 165 Standard and Premium Voices in 28 languages including variants (the list is growing in time) and it may be used by any device that can connect to Internet and send the POST requests to our API as instructed in this website: smartphones, tablets, laptops, PC Desktops, other smart devices. It uses cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence to solve the requests. Allthough this Text To Speech or text to voice utility is intended for software development and therefore developers, we have also here an online application that may be used to get audio files from the input text either plain text or text with SSML markup. The necessary steps are written below, basically for Text To Speech API you send an authorized POST request in JSON format to the API endpoint and you get as JSON response a base64 encoded string representing the audio file and a link to the saved audio file if you chose so. You have also the option to save the audio file encoded as Linear16 (uncompressed .wav file), .mp3 file or .ogg file. You own the commercial copyright of the resulted audio file(s) with no additional fee.
This is an official API
Offers SSL Support
Requires Basic Authentication
Request format: JSON
Response format: JSON
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