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 qmeta global search engine
Anonymous and Secure Global Search Engine ... Read More
The primary platform for Open Sourse and code sharing for the U.S. Federal Government ... Read More
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Scan anime image to get specific detail ... Read More
 rig veda
All of the poets and gods in the Rig Veda, presented with the mandal and sukta numbers, and the meters the verses are composed in ... Read More
 open charge map
The global public registry of electric vehicle charging locations ... Read More
 world trading data
World Trading Data is a worldwide market data provider, for example provide a stock name and dates and get trading data for those. ... Read More
Ziptastic API is a super easy to use API that returns the Country, State, City of the zip code you supply ... Read More
 whisky hunter
Results from Past Whisky Online Auctions ... Read More
 zestful data
The Zestful's ingredient parser API turns plain recipe strings into beautiful, structured data. You can get 30 ingredient parses p ... Read More
 ip finder
Locate and identify website visitors by IP address. You can get 4000 free request a day with IP Finder API. ... Read More
The official Wolfram|Alpha API. General knowledge on every topic; query it all with natural language input. ... Read More
 secured signing digital signature api
The Secured Signing REST-based, JSON API allows you to add PKI based digital signing capabilities to your software, web applicatio ... Read More
Scraping is hard, scraping at scale can be very challenging. You have to handle: - JS rendering - Chrome headless - Captcha - Prox ... Read More
High precision raw historical data for cryptocurrency markets — full order book depth snapshots and incremental updates, tick-by-t ... Read More
 geo info
A simple free reverse geocoding API for turning coordinates into human readable locations. ... Read More
 cloud wallet
Cloud Wallet enables closed-loop payments between IoT devices and facilitates IoT adoption worldwide. It allows developers to redu ... Read More
 braille api
Translate from English to Braille. Braille is a tactile writing system used by people who are blind or visually impaired. It is tr ... Read More
 starwars translations api
Translate from imperial language ( English that is ) to one of the Starwars language. Yoda, Sith, Gungan ( Jar Jar Binks ), Cheunh ... Read More
 quotes api
Quotes API with lot of features ... Read More
LogDNA is a centralized log management software. It helps you with Real-time log aggregation, monitoring, and analysis from any pl ... Read More
Identity verification at the speed of life. It’s as simple as an ID and a selfie. Our document verification and facial biometrics ... Read More
Pictures of cats from Tumblr ... Read More
 the cocktail db
A fee API to query a db of 1000s of cocktails, you can search for recipes, images of specific cocktails, ingredients, filter by al ... Read More
 contify newfeed api
Contify aggregates, deduplicates, tags and packages company information into a clean newsfeed ready to be consumed on-demand throu ... Read More
 sky biometry
The Sky Biometry API can be used to scan any face image for face detection and attributes determination. This is a paid API. ... Read More
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