By @adamhodara

A Collective List Of APIs. Build Something.

API Platform

API Platform is a PHP framework for API-first projects built on top of Symfony. Just like the other modern frameworks such as Zend and Symfony, it is both a full stack all-in-one framework and a set of independent PHP components and bundles that can be used separately. It allows to create modern and powerful Web APIs in a few minutes with total freedom in terms of redefinition and customization. It is compliant with the latest generation of standards and usages and supports Linked Data, HATEOAS and the semantic Web (JSON-LD, Hydra,, JWT…)..

USA Census API's

The API lets developers customize Census Bureau statistics into web or mobile apps that provide users quick and easy access from an every increasing pool of publicly available datasets (see Data Sets for more information).More data sets will be added over time.Currently available statistics provide key demographic and economic information on the nation, it's neighborhoods and areas in between. These data are currently used to distribute around $400 B in Federal, State and local funds in ways that help communities plan for schools, social and emergency services, highway improvements and economic developments.. is a cloud API platform that enables developers to embed high quality group video chat into their own mobile, desktop, or web apps. With easy to use APIs you can rapidly embed video communications into your own app or workflow providing fully interactive video communications. Developers do not need to be experts in video, all of the complexities of video communication is handled by the SDK leaving the developer to focus on their app. supports Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and WebRTC..