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Please introduce yourself and your company.

My name is David Katz, and I do Business Development for the Partnerships Group at Wolfram Research. Wolfram is a computational technology company known for Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, and the Wolfram Language.

Please tell us about Wolfram’s API?

The Wolfram|Alpha API allows any program easy access to the vast computational knowledge of Wolfram|Alpha. Wolfram|Alpha provides expertly curated data and algorithms that can be queried using natural language input, meaning that even brand new users can take advantage of its capabilities. Wolfram|Alpha covers nearly any topic one might want to ask questions about and can parse complex queries with ease. With the Wolfram|Alpha API, you can answer everything from “Graph the derivative of tanx+sinx” to “How many calories in 1.5 pounds of fried chicken?” to “List Ryan Gosling’s Oscar nominations.”

The Wolfram|Alpha API lacks a competitor in the traditional sense. While there are some APIs that feature similar capabilities, such as math solving or knowledge in specific fields, there are no APIs that cover the massive scope of query answering that we do. Thus, the Wolfram|Alpha API is in a league of its own and offers the most comprehensive source of general knowledge. On top of that, the API is incredibly easy to implement and only requires a single input: a natural language query.

We offer a variety of endpoints to best optimize your Wolfram|Alpha API output, and the docs for these can be found at this link, along with our standard pricing. We also offer discounts for startups and high volume customers; for more information on these you can contact us via this form.

How are companies using Wolfram’s Alpha API?

please be descriptive and post at least 3 examples of apps that integrated your API, add images and links to 3rd parties using your API

Mathpix’s Snip

The MathpixOCR API extracts LaTeX from images of math. By partnering with Wolfram, MathpixOCR can use the Wolfram|Alpha API to easily offer a holistic solution to their users. Wolfram|Alpha is able to offer step-by-step solutions to MathpixOCR inputs.

LeakZero Search Engine

Search engine users today expect rapid answers to a variety of questions and calculations, not just a list of links. Wolfram|Alpha's Short Answers API allowed us to effortlessly deliver that capability to our users. Wolfram partnerships was flexible and provided alternative methods of exchanging value, so implementation was very straightforward.

Lyra Personal Assistant

The Lyra Personal assistant utilizes the Wolfram|Alpha API to deliver general knowledge to users of their assistant. The Wolfram|Alpha API greatly expands the range and complexity of queries that Lyra can respond to.


LivePerson provides an AI-powered conversational platform for a variety of uses. By integrating the Wolfram|Alpha API, they can provide their clients with top-of-the-line computational knowledge to catch queries outside their own knowledge bases, making their chatbots even more intelligent.

What are some of the growth / marketing tactics your company is using to attract developers to develop on top of your API?

We have been lucky as an established company that we’ve never had to pay for advertising! I believe the saying goes advertising is the tax you pay for being unremarkable.

We do frequently sponsor hackathons and are always amazed at what individuals can accomplish by making their apps smarter and intelligent with their creativity and our APIs. We also have a very active Partnerships group, unique educational opportunities, along with developer relations, to support, encourage, and facilitate a wide variety of uses of the Wolfram|Alpha APIs.

Are there any upcoming new releases to your API that you can disclose?

Our team of expert data curators update and refine the data, algorithms, and natural language processing used in the Wolfram|Alpha API as frequently as possible. We aim to be the most comprehensive source of machine-readable general knowledge, so the Wolfram|Alpha API improves literally every day!

What are some APIs that your company uses and how are they being used?

In addition to our expertly curated data, we also employ the use of third-party APIs to access the more variable and/or local data such as weather, finance, flight information. However, the names of our external data providers are kept private.

Anything else that you would like to add?, How can people get in touch?

Developers can get in touch by contacting us through our contact form.

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