Pocket Network: One API to access many blockchains

Please introduce yourself and your company.

Hi! I am Michael O’Rourke, cofounder and CEO of Pocket Network. We have been building this platform for a little over 3 years, working at making as easy as possible for anyone to access data on any blockchain. We’re a team that’s extremely passionate about the blockchain space with many of us having been in it since 2013.

Pocket Network is a decentralized API protocol that lets any developer connect to any blockchain. Traditionally, a user connects to the same API each due to it being hardcoded in an application. With Pocket, users connect to a different one in the network each time, providing 100% uptime and service.

Does your company offer any APIs?


Visit the Pocket Developer Portal for documentation and join us on our Discord server for support from the Pocket Core developer team and Pocket community.  

How to Get Credentials: 

If you are a developer, and you’d like to participate in Pocket Core MVP, please fill out this form.

If you are interested in running blockchain node infrastructure during Pocket Core MVP, please fill out this form.

If you are interested in connecting your application to Pocket Network and operating node infrastructure during the MVP phase, please fill out this form.


During the MVP phase, developers can run an allotted amount of relays free of charge as we test throughput of the Pocket Network, and continue establishing the node infrastructure. Once we transition to testnet and mainnet, developers will have to stake POKT (our network’s utility token) to access the network. This locks in a certain throughput or bandwidth to the network in perpetuity, which is measured on a per relay basis. 

For example, a developer can stake $10 USD worth of POKT for 10,000 relays a day. If your application grows to the point to where you need more throughput, you can stake more POKT. 

*This is just an example. Numbers are subject to change as we refine our economic model*

How are people using your API?

At the launch of Pocket Core MVP,  we released Monster Chase, an AR-capable iOS mobile DApp game, to demonstrate what kind of blockchain-enabled applications developers could build. In this case, users can hide and chase monsters in an augmented reality world. Built using AION smart contracts and Pocket Core SDKs, Monster Chase serves as a prime example application that’s completely decentralized from phone to blockchain. 

Check out this demo of Monster Chase:


If you are interested in playing Monster Chase, here's an iOS testflight invite:


By utilizing the Pocket Core SDKs, developers will save hours in development costs and time. Without having to worry about full node infrastructure, devs can now focus their energy on building and designing their applications. 

We expect developers to get creative with their builds. For example, an application needs to pull features (speed, security, etc) from different blockchains could use Pocket as a simple and effective way of interfacing with a host of various blockchains. Thus, streamlining development for a new era of multi-chain applications. Another emergent property of this would be the ability for developers to connect their applications to both a testnet and mainnet, which provides the capability to easily flip between the two when a developer is in test or production mode. 

Traditionally, if an application connects to a single node or service provider, then they run the risk of that node failing or encountering other single points of failure. Pocket provides the means for building unstoppable apps. An app would connect through the Pocket Network, then send requests to a network of nodes (Ethereum, AION, etc) instead of a single source, like AWS or Infura. The network then coordinates the requests psuedo-randomly so in the case that a node goes down, the network automatically redirects the requests to another valid node.

What are some APIs that your company uses and how are they being used?

Pocket is a market based solution. Using crypto-economic incentives (i.e. POKT token), Pocket Network matches demand with a ready supply of node-hosting services ready to provide for developer API requests. On the supply side, nodes are providing an API service. While on the demand side, developers are consuming API requests for their application. 

Currently, we have baseline support for Ethereum and AION networks, with more integrations to other blockchains coming soon. Services Nodes are being run by stellar startups like Nodesmith, Quiknode, Figment Networks, and more.

Here's a link to the blockchain networks we currently support:


Anything else that you would like to add?

We are currently accepting applicants during the Pocket Core MVP phase. Links to the forms are available in a previous section, but can also be found our Pocket Core MVP page. Approved participants will receive an airdrop of PXKT, which will be redeemable for POKT upon mainnet.   

At the launch of Pocket Core MVP, we started with baseline support for both Ethereum and AION networks. Now, we’ve expanded to servicing 4 major blockchains including POA and Tezos. You can find a table of supported networks with NetIDs and descriptions in our developer portal.

Growing partnerships is just as important for developing the ecosystem as is supporting a host of blockchains. We’ve recently announced partnerships with DAppNode, Portis, and Figment Networks. Check out our partner page for more information. 

We are also building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). It will ensure that the Pocket Network is eventually governed by its stakeholders, who’ll have control over protocol upgrades and ecosystem resources. You can find the Pocket DAO Charter on our forum. It's a living document and not final, so it is subject to change.

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